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27 May 2009


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Huh. Interesting. I would have to give him/her a scepter and a crown if this person was at all real...


I'm not sure it is a hoax...This kid seems very smug about it, searching approval by that post (obviously she doesn't really want to know if people think it's wrong, she wants them to congratulate her), which makes it seem like a real teenager to me. It's the last age where that kind of smugness is acceptable and maybe even endearing.

That being said, maybe I just WANT to believe it's not a hoax. Because it's SO cool!


I wonder if the books aren't banned, so much as "the kids parents don't allow them to read them." It sounds like the kids could get them from their local library, but they're maybe afraid their parents will find out - by borrowing from this kid, they know no well-meaning adult will let their parents know of their reading habits.

Whether that's the case or not, if this is true I applaud this kid. It's amazing how popular books become when adults tell kids they can't read them.


Dang, I hope it's true!

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