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29 May 2009


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Brian F.

OK, but would Kevin Bacon have called himself a dancer when he starred in the original? He's probably an actor first, then a musician, and THEN he learned how to move for the movie. And none of the stars of KARATE KID knew a lick of karate before the film started. That didn't stop them from being cast.

Have faith, young padawan.

But, to be honest, I'll probably give the remake a miss.


Huh, what, why, NO! Footloose remake = Not cool at all. I loved the theatre show but a new movie is not acceptable. I'm making a stand before they attempt this with all other bad dance movies in the world.


Normally I wouldn't recommend a movie like this (based on principle alone!), but you HAVE to see the angry punch-dance scene from Hot Rod (with Andy Samberg). There is actually an option in the special features that pairs it up with the original Footloose number... actually, skip the movie and just watch the clip!


Amy, thanks for the rec -- I just looked it up on YouTube and laughed like a freak.

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