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14 May 2009


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Fringe --- hoo wee! Love it -- hope they don't jump the shark a la X Files. Reading slumps --- I sympathize. As for dead animals, my dog ran off with a desiccated bird carcass this morning in the park (as she did a few other times too --- I keep thinking the thing is gone and then she finds it again), ugh.

Liz B

Fringe has been such an unexpected pleasure. It looked interesting...but man. Walter? Didn't expect to adore him so much, and the Walter/Peter dynamic. And Olivia and her sister. And the mythology. And..and...damn. I guess the actors and writers crew deserve their break, but jeesh. Waiting = hard.


Ohh, staff meeting blues. That was yesterday for me, but the repercussions are still ringing. And I am reading old books from my personal library instead of the huge shelf of new library books I have because I don't feel like any of them....


Sorry about the chipmunk, but really there's not much you can do when they dive right in front of car. When I lived in the desert I came upon a just hit little rodent of some kind, still alive, but struggling. A tiny ground owl swooped down and grabbed it and was gone in a flash. Circle of life and all that...


Oh, no! I still remember hitting a poor owl -- I screamed and had to pull over. My windshield was entirely crackled, too. Poor thing. Well, I hope it was quick, anyway. Sorry, Le.

Jen Robinson

I'm enjoying Fringe, too. Was floored by the name on that gravestone (though in retrospect it makes sense). I adore Walter, too. Boy, that man can act. And I still adore Joshua Jackson anyway, because, you know, he'll always be Pacey.

Sorry about the chipmunk, though.


*unwraps mondo bar of chocolate and passes over half* What, you think I'm going to have that much chocolate on my person and not keep some for myself? Crazy talk!

Seriously, though, reading slumps are the worst. :( Although chipmunk suicide isn't wonderful either.


Whenever I'm in a reading slump I take a break and read a fast-paced fun book. I'm working through the Sammy Keyes mysteries by Wendelin Van Draanen right now while plugging away through my slower reads.


I had a squirrel use my car to commit suicide once and I felt just awful about it.

Sorry about the reading slump - you might try something breezy and easy to get back into enjoying reading. Graphic novel? Light YA book? Something you read years ago and remember fondly?


I have the opposite solution to reading slump. I go for something SO GOOD that I can't help but be sucked into it. I recommend a little Robert Westall or Geraldine McCaughrean or someone else who is an awesome craftsman.

Shelf Elf

Have you read The Spellman Files?

It might just be the book to get you out of the slump. Hilarious. I promise.


Reading slumps half-way through suck. But I'm in 3/4 of the way through like 6 books. 6 books. And they're all good, but intense.
I swear when I finish something deepish, I'm going to read Valley of the Dolls.


Oh yes, sorry about hitting the chipmunk. That does suck and freaks one out.


I'm still sad about whatever we hit last year (my dad thinks it was a squirrel and apparently that doesn't count). Try putting out food for animals, that might make you feel a bit better.

I have a reading recommendation for you, if you want to try and jump the slump - 'I Am Furniture' by Thalia Chaltas (a YA novel in v quick, energetic verse).


I feel your pain. I'm up to no less than six books in an effort to combat reading slump. (Partly my own fault -- I let a friend talk me into reading "The Basic Kafka." Yipe!) Fortunately, the two-in-one set of "The Pursuit of Love/Love in a Cold Climate" by Nancy Mitford has turned out to be diverting.

I'm getting close to saving all TV dramas for DVD. I hate all the overhyped suspense/angst they hit you with when you watch them as they air. Just watch 'em all at once and save yourself the bother!

Arlene Allen

I hate reading slumps!! Boo! I am so sorry about the chipmunk. I once had a seagull commit suicide on my windshield while drving on the highway. It really scarred me.

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