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06 June 2009


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Rasco from RIF

Hope you are continuing to have a great experience. I can't believe I had missed to date some of the terrific books I put in my stack for this Challenge. Just needed an excuse to say I had to read!


I agree with just about everything here--the abruptness of the ending, the romance slowing things down--but also that it's a wonderful book. Jacky is such a believable character, and it's nice to have a girl lead who isn't concerned with looking pretty and landing a boy. (Okay, she's a little concerned with those things, but also on not being discovered as a girl, etc... you know all this.)

I wasn't sure I'd pick up the second book--Jacky at a finishing school? please.--but I'd enjoyed the first so much I'm now working my way through the series. The audio books--which is how I'm "reading" it--are fantastic and deserving of every award they'd won. The third is sitting on my ipod now, waiting for me, and I'll start it on Monday.


I have always loved how clear-headed Jacky is about sex and the possible consequences. She loves Jaimy, but totally gets that now is NOT the time for pregnancy or whatever else. You so rarely see that practicality in love subplots.

Melissa (Book Nut)

You're only NOW getting to it? I could have SWORN it was you who put me onto it?! I haven't read any of the others, but my 12 year old loved them all (well, until about book 4 or so, then she got bored).


I listened to this one on audio and it was fabulous!!


I've been eyeing these in the library, but I'm prejudiced against the long titles. Which is odd, because I almost always like books with 'em, but there you are. It it all in present tense? That would be hard for me.


It is all in the present-tense, but in this case, it's so well-done that I didn't even notice it was present-tense until a few chapters in. And that false immediacy of present-tense writing usually bugs me a lot!

Janna Wong

I adore Jacky. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS YET!!! They're the best...except by the time you get to the 5th one..you kinda start getting annoyed with L.A. Meyer for not concluding the series. You start to get the feel of "OHH let's write more books and get more money like James Patterson" syndrome. But then again that's just me, some people love it from beginning to no-existent end..

Robin Willmon

When is the 6th book going to be published??!!!! I can't wait.
Robin Willmon
Literature Teacher

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