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15 June 2009


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*reaches for brown paper bag*



Yep,we've been partying over at http://community.livejournal.com/sounis/ for a week or so.


*spazz attack* I think I just died. While squeeing and hyperventilating. o.o I KNEW the next one would be about Sophos!!!! But I didn't think it would be this AWESOME!!!! *hyperventilates* Screw the New Moon movie, I want my new Attolia book!!!


I think this just made my day... =D


I thought it would be about Sophos, too... Excellent. I missed Sophos; he was one of my favorites. Now I want that book so much my fingers are twitching.


Oh, the pain of waiting! Oh, the joy of anticipation! If I start to rereread now, it will only make it worse...


mb: I keep meaning to keep a closer eye on you guys @ Eddis, Attolia, Sounis -- I just added you to my feed reader, so that should help!

Everyone else: DITTO!

Maureen E

I've been squeeing about this up one side down the other (in a Sounis thread I was reduced to incoherence). And since I reread frantically anyway, it doesn't matter.

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