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01 June 2009


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I loved this book! I read it when you recommended the Olivia Kidney books. I hadn't pinpointed what it was that I loved about the feel of her books but "Dahl-esque" is perfect. :)


This is such a great opening sentence. I'm hooked already. ::::Adding to tbr list:::


Okay, I've been meaning to check her out since you reviewed Slob, but now I'm going to really do something about it. I've looked in BOTH my branch libraries and they don't have a single Ellen Potter book on the shelf. (Which is what reserves are all about of course, but...)


You have GOT to read Olivia Kidney. Seriously. Just order it. If you don't like it, I'll pay you back.

Jennifer, Snapshot &  (5MinutesforBooks)

This sounds SO great. I haven't heard of Ellen Potter, but I love classic-y feeling books.

I might try one as a read aloud with my 10 1/2 year old daughter (who is WAY ahead of me in books)


She's great -- for real, give Olivia Kidney a try! I must spread the Ellen Potter gospel.


I loved the book Pish Posh! You've got to read it!


what is the mystery in this book


i am reading this book it is so great and mysterious goin off to read it buh bye.

blank blank

I LOVE this book. im in the middle of reading it but so far so good.... every one should read it.. i absolutly love it..


i love this book its really very intresting.Everyone should read that.


This book bought joy to my kids, this is their all time favorite book. I’m glad they liked it, they’ve never been to book reading, not till now. Nice blog by the way.

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