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02 June 2009


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I would never pick up these books based on the covers/description, but your reviews have me anxious for some poor teen in my county to return the only copy of Diary of a Chav...SOON.


Goddammit, how am I supposed to request these at the branch libraries? (I know that this is Dairy Queen all over again---but c'mon? those are the worst covers EVER.)


Yes, I definitely want to read these.
P.S. The next Georgia Nicolson book is called Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?


I looked at Amazon UK and it looks like there are 6 books in this series. Is Posh and Prejudice the 7th one or is it the US release of the 2nd one or something? I was very tempted to buy all the ones I could from the UK but it cost more to ship them then to buy them (it doubled the price) so I had to be an adult and be responsible with my money.


Betsy-- Posh and Prejudice is the US release of the 2nd one.

Leila-- Well, you go me hooked, but I can't seem to find Posh and Prejudice. I may break down and buy the British versions. You know there are 6 now in England?! SIX! (I am not affiliated in any way, besides being a repeat happy customer, but bookdepository.co.uk has all 6 for sale ($8.00 each) with free international shipping. I'm thinking that may be how I spend my birthday money.)

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