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23 June 2009


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Thanks for posting. It makes me want to watch my Buffy DVDs. I watched Twilight a second time last week to see if I was being unfair to it (because I hated it on first viewing) and it was still a disappointment to me. I think it could have been a decent movie with better casting and directing. The latest promo for the CW's Vampire Diaries looks much better than Twilight.


Best part: "Being stalked isn't really a big turn-on for girls." I am so glad I grew up in the Buffy era vs. the Twilight era.


HAHAHA! That was the best thing EVER.
And made me need this T-shirt even more: http://www.jinx.com/women/shirts/geek/buffy_staked_edward_womens.html?cs=6&csd=1494


This made my day.

tim b

Nice use of the Harry Potter footage...


Loved it and made me want to re-watch Buffy soon. Edward is seriously just creepy. Ick.


I totally missed the HP footage, so darn, now I have to watch it again. =) It's just another example of the awesomeness of Buffy, but also a sad reminder of how bad the writing of that travesty of a movie was. I hate it when a good book gets a bad cinematic conversion.

Adam W.

Wait, where is my shout out for bringing this bundle of lovely to your attention? :P

Adam W.


This was so satisfying. Never again will Edward Cullen stalk another. The scenes were seamless!


Adam, darling, I didn't think you'd want it made public that you're a devoted reader of Perez Hilton.


Magic. I'm emailing it to all my little middle school students who are so in love with Edward...despite my "he's a creepy stalker" argument.


This was awesome! Thank you so much for posting it.


I must just say: thank you for having this here! I've saved the link, and keep on coming back to it, like when somebody posts on our blogs to say that they just loved Edward or what have you. It is sweet balm to the soul, and having it on your site adds just that extra touch of communal stalker-hate + book-love.

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