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10 June 2009


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Looks like this book gave you a series case of reader's potty mouth. This series doesn't do it for me either. It seemed like the author tried to force in all the science info rather than let it come naturally to the story. I picked up the first one with high hopes, I couldn't even finish it. I gave the second book try (since I love mysteries so much) still couldn't finish it.


You may be in the minority, but you're certainly not alone. My review:



I don't like the series much either - it seems too forced or packaged as in "let's do a forensic series for teens!!" They don't act like believable teens and I say that as a Nancy Drew fan so I was willing to give a lot here.


I've read that there ARE better series for forensics; I read the first one for Cybils one year, and was all "meh" about it, so I feel ya.


Wow! This book is the best book I've EVER read i read the whole series in two days! I have no idea what you are talking about.

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