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30 June 2009


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Thanks for keeping this spoiler-free. I loved the first three books, but felt the fourth was so weak that I've not been super-eager to get this latest one. (The fourth, for me, had a bit too much dues ex machina with the dream thing...)


We loved all these books at my house. But you're right about both deaths.


I loved seeing Percy's parents go all badass, too. And Rachel has been one of my favorite characters since her first appearance, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in future books.


I want to know what happens on page 296! I'm listening to it, so I have no idea about page numbers. I wonder when a copy will ever come back into the library so I can look it up!

Kate F.

I *totally* agree. I had whipped through the first 4 books in a week or so a few months ago, but I kept picking this one up and putting it down. I only forced myself to read it when I had two days left before returning it to the library. I think Percy, like you said, failed to grow and change much. I felt like he was an incredibly one-dimensional main character, aside from his humorous voice. None of the big emotional sections actually made me feel anything, you know?

(And while I did follow all the Harry Potter comparisons through the early books, this truly didn't have the same feel, I don't think. So much less whimsy and joy, and I didn't ever care about any of the characters as much. I also saw so much HP in Septimus Heap (lost boy returns to his family/society at age 11, having no clue before that, starts magical training, emerald green eyes are key identifier, etc.), but those books sucked me in more.)

Brandon Dugas

i thought that the book was awesome and percy and rachel should get married tho they were a cute couple and my phone numberis 519-979-2001 i live in Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada on Pheasent run road at 149 come visit me!!!


when will the new series come out?

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