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01 June 2009


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Kelly Fineman

Little Taylor Lautner is pretty ripped, and making lots of girls and women sigh and think inappropriate thoughts.

Also? When they did the introduction last night, RPattz was goofy, KStew was stoned/moody/disdainful and Taylor Lautner was polished and wonderful. I may not be Team Jacob, but I'm Team Taylor, that's for sure.


Somebody's been working out.


Werewolves are so much hotter than vampires. So. Much.

Sarah I.

Holy Taylor Lautner. Yummy werewolve. :)


"Constipated" was the EXACT word that came to my mind too!

I'd laugh so hard if all the fangirls (or even many of the fangirls) switched over to Team Jacob.


When Jasper started running in slow-mo toward Bella and Edward made that face and intercepted him I spit rice all over my monitor.

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