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29 June 2009


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These are some of my very favorite books.


That's a lovely love-letter. I forgot to read along, but it's never too late.


I had never heard of this series before you mentioned it here and I was quite thankful that my library actually had all three of the books. On the flip side, I only wish I could have discovered them closer to the time book four comes out, so I don't have to wait nearly a year to delve back into this world. Eugenides is without a doubt my favorite fictional character.

Sarah O.

That's a lovely love letter, for an equally lovely book/series :D

Melissa (Book Nut)

Yes, that's a lovely lovely letter. I haven't revisited these since I read them last year. But I think I shall. They are wonderful.


Well said, Leila. That last paragraph is spot on. It's master craftsmanship at work.


When describing why these books are so awesome, I always wind up saying, "Because Gen is such a little shit. And that's why I love him." That takes some doing.


Yes, a love letter is the right approach for this book. I've only read it once. Perhaps it's time for the pleasure of knowing what he's doing to better appreciate it!

Maureen E

I forgot to re-read at all.


Guess what I'll be doing today!

I love these books so much that they reduce me to piles of incoherant whimpering mush. And I am SO in awe of MWT's writing. And just reading your review has made me grin like an idiot.


I read this for the first time last month, and then I read it again. I love this series and can't wait for the fourth book!


Hi, great review! I found your site by looking up reviews for The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner that I just finished reading and thoroughly enjoyed. I think we have some similar taste in books, so I'm glad I found you! Someone anonymously commented on my blog about this book and your review makes it sound really great, so I'll have to try and find it soon.

Kate F.

...I love you for your book recs. I have read so many awesome books thanks to this blog, I can't even begin to list them.

Read all three of these on a trip this weekend and am already wanting to start again from the beginning. LOVE. CANNOT WAIT until 2010 for book 4. Love love love.

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