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06 June 2009


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Emily Horner

I just read this one a few weeks ago, and wow, is it good! When Fox is introduced, I was all prepared for her to be a Troubled Girl who Joan has to befriend and then eventually disentangle herself from -- and then it didn't go there AT ALL; Fox can tell herself this story about being Queen of the Foxes, and have a weird father and an alcoholic mother, but she's still allowed to be a real person who is Dealing With Stuff, who is basically Okay.

simmone howell

wild girls is absolutely beautiful. i can't fault it.


Emily, YES. And it didn't turn into a Horrific School Story About Mean Girl Bullying or one about a Brittle Mother Who Takes Issue With The Eccentric Best Friend or whatever. It was just... so, so good.


I checked out this book from the library THREE TIMES and returned it unread each time -- I think it's that kinda-lame cover that did it for me. (That and a bulging-at-the-joists TBR bookshelf.) But this review is enough to make me give it another go. Thanks!


that was a great book i am soooo like sarah!!

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