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23 July 2009


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Brian F.

Are you kidding me?

I am GIDDY! True, it wasn't as bleak as I imagined (like Sweeney Todd bleak) but I think it looks FAB. Can't Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar summon in you the same anticipation you feel for Clancy Brown in NIGHTMARE?

Monica Edinger

As with the Where the Wild Things Are movie, I am trying very, very, VERY hard to not be overly protective of beloved source material. That said, the narration for this trailer ... twee.

Brian F.

I commented on this and it vanished. Maybe there's a delay. But I just wanted to add that I really hope Burton goes directly from this to DARK SHADOWS. I'll admit it: I'm pretty much Burton's bitch.


Brian, I think this is one of those instances (like Will Ferrell) in which you and I will end up in opposite camps. Granted, I have less than two minutes to go on here, but I think it looks massively annoying. And like nothing new. (Part of my underwhelmedness is probably due to the fact that I'm so tired of Johnny Depp I could barf. So that should be factored in.)

But you are right about Alan Rickman -- he's so rad that he gets a free pass for life, so I won't hold the movie against him. And I'm sure that his Caterpillar will be awesome.


When I'm feeling blue about all of these novel-tie-in movies, I look at trailers for Pixar's Planet 51. It's perfect: unbookrelated, cute, and Pixar-ish.


I really don't like the idea of this! Like you, I'm so sick of Johnny Depp I could barf.
That said, I'd be into a Dark Shadows film - without Johnny Depp, though. As much as I get the whole 'Johnny & Tim loooove each other' thing, I feel like they both need to work separately for awhile.


Laaaaaaaaame. I liked the idea of a more grown-up Wonderland than the Disney version, but this doesn't work for me at all. It should be beautiful but a little scary, while this is neither -- just grotesque and creepy. Not to mention it looks an awful lot like Nightmare Before Christmas.

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