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24 July 2009


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This ... is colossally depressing to me, and it's one of those things I'm going to have to avoid if Me and The Interwebs will remain friends for long. SO. Depressing. Should I be thrilled that this has happened, and that conversation is beginning on what is obvious to a lot of people? Or should I just be relieved that it happened to a Caucasian person, and so conversation is beginning on what is obvious to a lot of people?

...I said DEPRESSING, didn't I?
Okay. Taking my cynical self home.


The brouhaha over Patricia Wrede's The Thirteenth Child depressed me, too. Just so you don't think I'm narrow in my depression and cynicism...


The Interwebs can be an especially difficult place to be. I do think that the conversation has happened previously -- recently, even, like about the original (ridiculous) cover of Le Guin's Powers, and for that matter, people went bananas about the Earthsea mini-series -- the more times the topic comes up, the more upsetting it is for those who've been aware of it, but, on the other hand, the more times it comes up, the more people who become aware of it.

I still haven't read Thirteenth Child. Damnit.


True, true. And in 2001, WHALE TALK had a blurry pale guy on the cover instead of a biracial Japanese, Black and Caucasian character, and Chris Crutcher was incensed. You're right. Every time it comes up, the stink gets bigger -- Earthsea, Whale Talk, Liar. And soon... maybe there won't be a need for a stink anymore.

Hope springs eternal.


Oh man, we were SO mad about the Whale Talk cover... remember?

JL's post is really great, but I thought the comments were even better; especially all the ones from readers, parents and kids making it clear that this kind of crap is a problem and WHY it's a problem. Maybe marketing depts will start listening.

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