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21 July 2009


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I always thought butter tarts were the Maine confection of choice (possibly confusing Castine and Grand Manan, here) but The Wikipedia tells me they're Canadian. So bring on the whoopie pies!


I spotted Grave Goods at my library and read it. I was hooked. When I left for a two week vacation in Europe, I took with me Mistress of the Art of Death and A Serpent's Tale. When I finished the Mistress book, I left it behind on the shelf of a little guest library in an old rectory which is now a B&B in a small, medieval town in England. I loved all three books, although the subject matter of Mistress was a little icky. My favorite was Grave Goods.


Wow, all of these books sounds awesome. Placing a hold at my library now...


Sold. And my library has it! Thanks for an enticing review.

Els Kushner

Aha! My library has it too, and I'm going on vacation next week! Yippee and thanks!


I've looked at this book several times, but never could decide whether it was worth reading. Thanks for your review!

Kate F.

Requested! Half the time I barely get through two paragraphs of your posts before skipping over to request the book, then coming back to finish reading.

You're in Maine, right? We were driving along Route 2 this weekend and discovered BROWNIE WHOOPIE PIES at a deli/convenience store and my lands, they were to die for.

Citizen Reader

I've got to read this book. I've had it checked out from the library twice--I love the cover and the title--and never got it read. Blast! Another book for the already scary TBR pile!!


Yes! This was a good book (the 2 sequels are good, but not as good as the first, imo). I also really liked her stand alone novel, "City of Shadows."


Where I'm from we call those Wagon wheels and yes, butter tarts are Canadian as are Nanaimo bars. Yum!

Henry II's always been an interest of mine but I think that's mainly because of "The Lion in Winter".


I really enjoy this seriees! And I have never had a whoopie pie! I live in the wrong country apparently!


Oh, I loved this book. The 2nd isn't as good but is worth reading, IMO. Haven't checked out #3 yet.


Thanks for this - I just finished the book and it was wonderful. A little predictable as far as mysteries go but I was so hooked I didn't care. I almost squealed with delight when I saw there were sequels and now I'm just waiting for the library to open so I can go get them.


geekmom: It's funny, usually I'm all over figuring the mystery out first (not even actively -- it's like the back part of my brain is working on it as I read) -- but with this one, I didn't know whodunnit until it was revealed, and I just didn't care! I think it's because I was so in love and involved with the characters.

Looking back, I probably should have known, though.

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