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22 July 2009


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I'm burned out on Austen. I'm buying that sea monster one because I can't NOT buy the sea monster one but, after that, I'm taking a few years off.


I need to free myself of distractions so I can work on my Henry James spinoff, Daisy Miller and Giant Crocodiles.


Oh, LORD. I guess it was only a matter of time.

Then there's this: http://dickensblog.typepad.com/dickensblog/2009/07/dickens-and-vampires.html

Well, at least I'm happy to see that the ennui is over with a vengeance! :-)


I wish Tim Powers got any love anyplace. He wrote a book YEARS ago, called "The Stress of Her Regard", which is a fabulous book about the Romantic poets fighting supernatural monsters. Far superior to these recent bandwagon-jumpers.

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