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22 July 2009


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Wow. I'm gobsmacked. Go, Target,indeed. I didn't know they really had a book club thing going on, but it's good. Mainly because though we all make "Tar-jay" jokes, and maybe are a little shamefaced about what we've gotten from there, it's a store people go to who are solidly in the middle-class, and I think that's a lot more of us, especially now. And, if reading is seen as something accessible and real and good to the major population of the U.S. -- and books are available to pop in the cart with the lamps and the bookshelves and the matchy garbage cans -- we'll have a nation of readers. Which would be stupendous. Not to mention good for authors and librarians and all. Very cool. A lot of people complain that the books there are discounted, and that might be true. It's definitely better to support an indie bookstore, but there are so many people who would never go to a bookstore, period, much less an indie, and to them I say, for heaven's sake, go to Target, pick up some cat litter, grab a book. Read.

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