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13 August 2009


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R.J. Anderson

I just spit tea all over my screen.


Hee hee! Oh, if only fear were ALWAYS accompanied by a brawny arm and a body-molding thin nightie...


Is that "A.C.Doyle" as in "Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes fame!?


It is! They've repackaged a Sherlock Holmes story. I was hoping someone would notice!

Chad Aaron Sayban

Well, it's sure to draw attention on the shelf, that's for sure.


Why on EARTH does the menacing villian have the AA symbol tattooed on his arm? (Sorry, this is a button pusher).


Different place on the arm, but the symbol is described in the story:

"The dead man's right arm was thrust out from his dressing gown, and exposed as high as the elbow. About halfway up the forearm was a curious brown design, a triangle inside a circle, standing out in vivid relief upon the lard-coloured skin."

The full text of the book is available at Project Gutenberg.


Am I the only one who noticed the placement of the letter "V"?

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