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03 August 2009


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"dead (or is he?)"

Oooh, shades of Amanda Quick.


Hee hee hee. What's sad is that I read something like three Amanda Quicks over the course of two days, and while they were pretty forgettable, random details jump back at me when I'm trying to remember the plots of OTHER books. Like: 'Wait, was THIS the one with the ex-prostitute maid who's learning French so she can get a job as a dress-maker's assistant? No, that was that AQ book. Well, was this the one with the father who turned out to be a bigamist? No, that was that OTHER AQ book. DAMNIT.'

I always keep things straighter when I write about 'em. Which I probably should have done.

Kate F.

Wheeee! I found Tasha Alexander after whizzing through the Lady Julia Grey books (per your rec.) and finding a review on Amazon that suggested these as a follow-up. I agree that there is a lot more depth of character in these (they aren't as funny, but I loved them as much or more). I did feel a little sorry for Wraybourn and Alexander that they wrote SUCH similar concepts at almost exactly the same time! I believe a fourth book is coming out soon, right? (The Orient Express! Constantinople!) I can't wait.

Kelly Fineman

I'll be looking for this one - thanks!


Now, this I've got to read.

BTW, I'm totally reading all the romances you suggest. So, thanks and stuff. You and the HABO crew are my librarians.

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