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28 August 2009


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Sarah I.

I have a weird sense that I've read this...but I can't really remember it. However the cover is WAY familure and since I did read most of the YA section at KFL before I moved, it's pretty likely. May have to revisit it, for a laugh. :)

Lindsey Carmichael

I haven't read this book, so I can't comment, but in response to the Maine ranting, you should check out John Connolly's Charlie Parker series. His plots are suspenseful, dark and creepy, his characters are complex, his writing is gorgeous. And even though he's from Ireland, he writes about Maine as though he's lived there his entire life. Highly recommended books!


Ooh, "Twilight" and "Antidote" in the same sentence. Lovely, lovely.


Oh, wow, I remember this one. I loved Mary Downing Hahn's books when I was a kid, and this one really sold me on the creepiness - not only of the atmosphere and the bloodsucking, but the creepiness of losing yourself bit by bit and being unable to tell the ones you love, for all that they wouldn't believe you anyway.

Carl V.

Ah your review...particularly the part about your conversations...had me cracking up! Well done! I'm so glad you enjoyed this, enjoyed it on many levels from the looks of it.

Love the cover, by the way.


I remember seeing this book when I was little, and really really wanting to read it because the title was a line from a poem I really liked - but it looked way too scary. And now I think I may be too old to read it for the first time...


I've loved this book since I was like twelve. I thought Twilight was going to be something like it, which is why I read it. Meyers sucks. Hahn rocks.

I read nearly all her books. The only one I liked nearly as much as this one was Wait Till Helen Comes.


I'm going to have to read more Hahn -- this is the only one I've read! Glad to know that her other stuff is worth it, too.


I don't know how I managed to miss getting this on my TBR list when you first posted about this. Well...it's there now.


Does anyone know her email? I saw her and wanted to ask questions but she was too busy signing books. IF anyone knows her email, could you please post it on here!


i didnt love the book. but i thought it was ookayy.... i looooooooove to read, so if u dont know a book that i have read i will definitly help you! my fave book of all time is flowers in the attic by v.c. andrews. if u havent read it you need to read it!!!!!! its dark scary and suspensful and based on a true story, which if u have read, is very awful and so tragic!tell me if uve read it and i will explain what happened and how she came up with the idea to write the book. . .


i absoluty LOVE this book!!

Madelyn Frazee

This is so sad. im almost done with this book-on chapter 13. I think i might cry

nakisha burton

this book is so amazing iam amost done with the book on chapter 14.

nakisha burton

i think vincent is a vampire

Tempestt Maia Smith

March 17,2014
Dear Mary Downing Hahn
My name is Tempestt Maia Smith My Birthday is January 18,2001 I am in 6th Grade I am a big fan of your books I would like to read more of your books but I don't think my mommy have much money because she is trying to find a place to stay but forget all that can i have some books for free please and thank you awww and i think vincent is a vampire too

Tempestt Maia Smith

awwww and one more thing if you say no i will understand I love your books There my favorite some of them I have not read but thats ok

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