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05 August 2009


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I felt the same way with this one-once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. It made me want to find other books set in the 40's because I was so drawn into this one. I think this one has lots of adult appeal too and I like the idea of using it for an adult book group.


Interesting! Never too late for good books!
I would love a Teen Books for Adult Readers book group at PL. I know the librarians read the YA, b/c I talk about it with them, but they do so much children/YA business that it's hard to find time. And I work at my library nights, so I'd never make it to a book group anyway!


Wonderful review! I read this book in January or so--you captured perfectly what I thought about the setting and characters. I'm a big fan of '40s books, too. Last night I started Ten Cents a Dance (which I'm loving so far). I also love Dewey and Suze from Green Glass Sea and White Sands, Red Menace. (Not to mention Molly from the American Girls!) Anyone have any other '40s recs?


Kate: I loved all three of those books as well -- and I'd love more homefront stories, too. (If you haven't watched Foyle's War, that's a great one for homefront England. Not to mention my new darling, Michael Kitchen).


It would be fabulous to see your Teen Books for Adult Readers list!


I felt EXACTLY the same way about the book when I read it.


I felt the same way - with some distance from Evie but still interested. When I started reading your review, I thought, "Well I didn't like that book." But then I reconsidered and realized, actually I really like the book. I just find Evie's apparent naivete kind of sad, and I don't like her mother at all. But - such a good book! It's an odd experience, liking it without the emotional investment.

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