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04 August 2009


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I, for one, am horrified.
Not by the supposed 'plagiarism'...but by the cheesy, cliched writing the two authors managed to spout.
OMG...two TOTALLY different authors both wrote scenes heavy with over-used metaphors and light on imagination! It MUST be a rip-off...


I see almost no similarities. Really.
Really, talking about an unborn child is plagiarism? -.-
Just sad, really.

Liz B

According to page one, all I could stomach, plagiarizing means having a wedding with flowers, garlands, a groom, and standard wedding vowsw.


Right? Right?

Chad Aaron Sayban

The claim makes perfect sense to me. After all, don't most best-selling authors with legions of fans and millions of dollars at stake wait until their fourth novel to plagiarize a story from someone nobody has ever heard of?

On a serious note, I'm really enjoying reading your blog.

Jenn M.

Hahaha Renesmee and Requiem... would be good American Gladiator names. If I remember correctly, Renesmee was the akward and unfortunate combination of Renee (Bella's mom) and Esme (Edward's "mom"), which is far too horrible to have been ripped off from someone else. I enjoyed the first three books, but was not impressed with the last one.

I do have to say, I found Edward calling Bella "love" endearing...mostly because my British husband calls me "love" all the time. It's a very British thing. I can understand though...I think "honey" is cheesy and annoying. :)

And Chad has a point...why would she wait until her fourth novel to plagarize someone. Hrm...it was pretty bad though...there were so many loopholes and changing POV in the middle of the story?!?

Thanks for finding the letter for us to read.


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