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27 August 2009


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Does knowing about them count? How about just reading the beginning and the end so you can booktalk them? The only two I've read all the way are Melting Stones and Graveyard Book. But then, I don't read a ton of YA. That's why I follow you (-:)


I've read 10. Disreputable History is probably one of my faves and Graceling. It's a pretty great list though.


I read 10, and it'd be tough to choose between Graceling, Hunger Games and Graveyard Book. Those three seemed to do something new in a way that the others didn't (not that the others were bad, mind you).

Elaine Willis

I have read all of them, but Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce. I am incapable of reading a series out of order and since there are about 13 books that come before this one, I just haven't got to it.

I have even read the complete series for any of the titles which are part of a series, the House of Night for example.

Some I liked better than others, but all of them were excellent. I even liked the ones that were not in my normal comfort zone. I found Living Dead Girl to be very disturbing, but I have recommended it to almost everyone.

I am glad that I do not really have to vote because deciding between them is very difficult, but I will try.

Hunger Games
City of Ashes

Of course, I absolutely adored Breaking Dawn. It is my favorite of the Twilight series.

I told you this was hard!

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