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10 September 2009


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What does anything in the picture have to do with a baby?


Those two are popcorn-flirting-eyes-only-for-each-other on the pretense of playing scrabble with the little brother who looks like he's laughing politely at something his older brother said...

Sam Riddleburger

1995 was a slow year for Ritter. He had just finished up a run on "Hearts Afire." Speaking of which, is his chair on fire?

Is that a basement? I thought it was a old junk shop where each object has a secret, magical history.

How did they get my mom's lamp? Side note: mom's lamp does put out a lot of light.


Er. I thought the person in the sweater was a badly-painted woman.


Whose secret baby did he have? Janet's or Chrissy's?

Bitterly Books

Was John Ritter a Symbol of Romance in 1995?
Actually, talking about romance in 1995 was secret code for discussing John Ritter.

Why did he bleach his hair?
He didn't, he's wearing a blonde toupee as part of a clever disguise.

John Ritter is going by the name Dante Nichellini? Really?
It's what he used when he wanted to book hotel rooms under a fake name. It's the kind of name you'd use when wearing a blonde toupee.

Is he in love with popcorn girl, or afraid of her?
He is rearing back like a cobra ready to strike, just seconds before he sinks his teeth into her neck. So it's love, definitely.

Is the book actually more romantic than the cover suggests?
Do you mean "is the book more John Ritter-y than the cover suggests?" If so, the answer is no.

What's wrong with Popcorn Girl's sleeve?
Nothing. She is wearing a lampshade on her wrist.

Where is John Ritter's other hand?
It is busy shoving the secret baby under the table.

Why are they playing Scrabble in the basement?
Because no one builds a secret torture lair in their living room.

How is that lamp providing so much light?
I have no idea.

How could the former owner of this book discard it, knowing that it was autographed by the author (who has very nice penmanship)?
She didn't. They took it from her cold, dead hands.

I want to know why a ghost ship (The Flying Dutchman?) is interrupting their Scrabble game.


EM: Right? According to the back cover: "Single mother Meg Roberts had returned to her hometown with one goal in mind. She was convinced her son had a twin, a babby take from Meg at birth--a child she was told had never existed. And only one man could help her prove otherwise." I'm not sure why it is that John Ritter can help her. Maybe he was her midwife?

Sam Riddleburger: OH MY GOD, IT TOTALLY IS!! I can't believe I hadn't noticed. I'm not sure if it's a basement or a stone living room. Maybe they're in a castle? At first I thought the power was out and that's why the wholesome Scrabble and popcorn evening, but then there's the lamp. Maybe they're using an entire generator to power the lamp? Because my father also has that lamp, and his lamp puts out less light than... something that doesn't put out much light.

dangermom: How COULD you? John Ritter is ALL MAN.

Bitterly Books: I think I love you.


Ah, Cover Snark, how I love thee.

Maybe they're playing Scrabble at a shipyard basement? What's with the shadowy old lanterns and ship beneath the title?


I'm pretty sure it's the same reason Angelina Jolie is on the cover of Vampire Academy.

... Oh, except that's probably to sell books. In that case, beats me.


They're not playing Scrabble in a basement. They're playing Scrabble in a dungeon.


I think it's all a secret, right?

Where did you come across this gem? Awesome, although I'd have pegged the book cover for more like 1987.


Oh, good theory, Tanita. I'm starting to think I may have to read the darn thing to get my questions answered.

Elizabeth, I'm glad that other people have noticed Angie on that first VA book. But, wait! Are you saying that a book cover that features John Ritter wouldn't sell? Because I may hae to take issue with that.

LG, if that cozy little scene is taking place in a dungeon, I'd like to know who is keeping them prisoner. Or maybe they've converted an old dungeon into a den?

Keetha, someone donated it to the library booksale. Needless to say, it hasn't quite made it to the sale yet. And, yeah -- I was shocked when I discoved the pub date.


Who drinks milk with their popcorn?


I like orange juice with my popcorn.


I, too, bow before your awesomeness, Bitterly Books.


Her sleeves seem to be from one of those eighties sweaters where the forearms are really fitted and the upper arms are poofy. This time period might coincide with JR's feathered hair. I love a good mystery:)

Bitterly Books


The best part about drinking orange juice with popcorn is dunking the kernels in it to hear the little hissing noise they make.

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