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26 September 2009


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I noticed this interview too. It immediately made me feel a connected one-ness with Tasha Alexander as well. Which is odd, seeing as I have never picked up her books.
That will change.


Thanks to you I am now addicted to Tasha Alexander. I thought the second book was way better than the first, even. And Colin does something near the end so swoon-worthy that I actually squeed. You don't know me, but I don't squee easily. Thank you.

Sarah Rettger

Now that I've seen pictures of her, Tasha Alexander occupies a pretty secure place on the list of people who inspire jealousy. Come on, don't you want to a) be gorgeous b) write the Emily Ashton books, and c) write a serious historical book that gets made into a Cate Blanchett movie?

Maureen E

I have yet to get my hands on a copy of the first one, but it sounded excellent! Can't wait to actually read them, especially since I'm now an avid Elizabeth Peters fan.

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