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25 September 2009


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Jackie Parker

Cool! I'd already been mining your Books-Challenged link for titles for my display & contest.


Your library has a great couch.
You have great shoes.
And it's sort of DAUNTING to see all the BB's together in one spot like that. Five year's worth.
Seriously. Ridiculous.


I love my shoes, even though the soles are so worn that it hurts my feet to walk across gravel.

And remember, those are just the ones that were checked in and that the library owns and that I've read!


Awww... all those poor little banned books... at least they get some love now!
Great picture :D


Haha! Power in numbers! What an excellent idea for a display!


I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read "reading is sexy". This photo prooves the case.

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