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03 September 2009


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*sigh* Literary misery indeed. I remember reading these right around the time they were published, and being quite upset when I heard the author died. It's definitely time to read them again.

R.J. Anderson

I have WHOM THE GODS LOVE in paperback; if you'd like it, I will mail it to you. Just let me know.

Jen Robinson

I read these as they came out, and I was so sad when the author died. She was really young, too. But I've kept the books these past 10 years, planning to re-read them one day. It takes a great character for me to want to re-read a mystery series, so this is saying a lot. I love Julian, too.


Oooh, look at that cover, with the Penguin-tasticness of it.

This sounds like something I'd cry to read the last words of... I'm scared to start. Authors need a Live Forever elixir. Seriously.

Amy Garvey

The Julian Kestrel books are amazing. And I was completely depressed when I was done. She died far too soon.


I love Dorothy Sayers, and I love characters that talk like this. Another one for the list!


Thanks for the recommendation--I've never heard of this series and I adore Dorothy Sayers. Now if only I wasn't so far away from an english language library....*sigh* Am adding this near the top of the to-buy list though!!!

Chad Sayban

It is inevitable that we are not going to get to some books and series until they are long since published. That's the curse of a book lover - too many books, not enough time.


You will be sad when it's over. I cried when I found out Kate Ross had died, and I'm not much of a crier (cryer? is that a word?). All four of the books are excellent.

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