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26 September 2009


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I was just reading this article http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200910/candy about Necco wafers. Maybe the universe is telling me something...


I love these.
Unfortunately? They have something in the UK like them, but they're flavored with violets or something, and they are TRULY wretched.

Terry Doherty

YES! My kind of candy. If I read the article, will it ruin the sugar high?


I'm not a sweets person, but I read through the article and the bit about the dark, not-sweet chocolate hooked me. Will be buying some Necco wafers in the morning... :)


Celia, judging by the last handful of rolls I've eaten, they haven't been switched over yet!


One of the awesomest things about my husband going to MIT was that the NECCO factory was right by the school. Their smokestack is painted like a roll of NECCO wafers!

He's always trying to foist em on me and the kids though, and we're not having it. They always taste like they're stale to me.

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