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21 September 2009


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Yikes. That kind of stuff is going around already? It's not even October. I guess I better go get a flu shot. Glad you're feeling better!


Glad you're feeling better!


Ah, Dogfight. I loved but I have a hard time watching it now. Not only does the movie itself get you, but the whole River Phoenix thing just kills me.

Wire in the Blood has been recommended to me a few times. I think I'll see if I can grab the DVDs!


Glad you are feeling better!


I've missed Dogfight all these years, somehow. What a surprise to see E.G. Daily all dolled up again! Sign me up!


Wire in the Blood looks great -- I will definitely watch that. Have you seen Cracker? More excellent gritty British police drama. I love Robbie Coultrane (Hagrid!).


Dogfight is amazing!! It's one of my favorite movies of all time and now I feel the need to watch it all over again. Glad you are feeling better!! And by the way Wire in the Blood rocks as well.


Maggi: I love Cracker! During the first season, I remember turning to Josh and saying, "Oh my god, I think I've fallen in love with Robbie Coltrane."

Cindy Westermann

Val McDermid is awesome. Although not in the series, A Place of Execution is excellent. I have not seen the Wire in the Blood shows, but the books are good. You are right about gruesome - had to skip some parts in Mermaids Singing.


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