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24 September 2009


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I admit, I didn't read most of your review, as I have this pre-ordered and can't wait to read it. I did read enough to see that you rather enjoyed it :) I'll come back after I read it!


Oh good! Because I want to know what other people think of it and I want to talk about it WITH people instead of just babbling inanely to myself!


I'm glad you loved this. I read it as an ARC in May and was totally blindsided by the twist. I knew something was coming, but never would have guessed what it was. Because it's the kind of twist I believe publishers would want to highlight to sell more books. (If I had known about the twist, Liar would have been higher up on my Want list because that twist is one of my favorite things.) So good job on the publishers/early reviewers for managing not to spill that twist in any way. I'm also really glad I didn't know what the twist was because when it was revealed I was relieved, confused and pleasantly surprised and became even more invested in the character and story.

I agree that Liar was terrific. I haven't read anything like it ever, so I put How to Ditch Your Fairy on my to-buy list (it's out in paperback next week) even though I assume it's very different from Liar. I usually don't like it when books end the way Liar ended. In this case, I felt the writing was so strong and the "journey" so interesting, that the end didn't matter too much. For me, it wasn't a book that depended heavily on its ending to be satisfying. Once I was into the second part of the book, I decided I wanted to believe what she was telling me in that second part, even if she admitted she was lying about it.


Purposefully skipping any spoilery-spoiledness...I'll be back when I have read it. Which is to say, after I have bought it & ignored all my paralegal homework to finish it!

Heather Doss

I'm with you on this one. I read the galley back in the spring & loved the story (though disliked the original cover) including the twist. It does make it difficult to describe to people without giving it away. To me, it's one of those books you read & recommend to friends by saying "seriously, just read it - it's awesome".


Having just read Villette for the first time, I'm speculating that the big twist is something like the twist in that one, where Lucy, the narrator, lies to the reader and pretends it's a lie of omission. But it will be fun to find out if it's genuinely something new in fiction.


I was losing patience with Liar until the twist. I was worn out by the back and forth of the storytelling and Micah's constant revision of events. But when the twist came I was instantly revived and read the rest of the novel quickly. I think I was surprised by the exact twist, but I knew something odd was coming. Up until that point, Liar seemed like a complete departure from Justine's other novels (not that HTDYF is exactly like the Magic trilogy, but they both have fantasy). So the twist, for me, was a great reveal and made me think, "Yes! This is a Justine Larbalestier book."

I'm still a little irked about the ending because I do want some kind of answer. But this is a good thing. I'm still thinking about this book and it's been over a month. I am looking forward to discussing this with a teen book group.

Also, kudos to early reviewers and bloggers for keeping this one a secret even with all of the publicity about the botched cover.

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