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09 September 2009


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I heart Philip Pullman so much it almost hurts. This is going to be so good!!!!

Brian F.

Maybe that'll be the name of his autobiography: SCANDALOUS BOOGERS.

Maureen E

Can I confess that I get a little tired of it? So much of the time it seems to me that he's doing it for the controversy. But maybe that's me being ticklish and jaded.


Eh, I feel similarly. It seems to me that he often lets his agenda take over his story and push it out of shape. I did get a kick out of watching people fuss about Harry Potter for years, never noticing that His Dark Materials was being published. It was like they only read books that were being made into movies.


I agree with dangermom on all counts-- probably would have written the exact same thing if she hadn't first.


Maureen, I don't think it's at all strange. I don't think he does it only for the controversy, but I certainly don't think he minds it -- and I do think that he might secretly like winding people up.

And dangermom, yes -- I also thought it was funny that so many people who were so concerned about HP being satanic or whatever never noticed His Dark Materials until the movie came out.


I dunno, maybe I'm just in a cynical mood this morning, but reading the article makes me think "...and Philip Pullman jumps the shark." Is he turning into a one-trick pony? That would be a bummer, I've always enjoyed his writing.


Gee, Philip, way to be original. That theory has only been around for, oh, I don't know, CENTURIES.


Original or not, I will certainly be checking it out when it's on shelves. Pullman doesn't need to reinvent the wheel, only spin a good yard, at which he is exceedingly efficient.

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