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01 September 2009


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Mel U

Thanks for the perceptive and interesting review. I am inclined now to put this book on my read in 2009 list.

Chad Aaron Sayban

I completely understand where you are coming from in your review. It reminds me all too much of when I read The Historian. It was beautifully written, but it lingered in places far too long and the ending was an utter let down. I was frustrated by it and gave it a two-star review in spite of all the praise it received prior to its release.

Thank you for another well thought-out review!


Thanks, Chad -- I struggle with mixed and negative reviews because I don't want to sound like I'm being a jerk.


Hi, this book has been on my radar since I read a number of good reviews about it. I can certainly understand your frustration in finding out it is the first of the series when you were expecting closure! It could explain why there were a lot of explanatory passages. Your review was very thoughtful and this book is still on my list of books to read.

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