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22 September 2009


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I was iffy on Nick Cage until I saw this. Now I have to put it in the queue and revisit it! Thanks!


Even though, as an actor, he's really hit or miss, I kind of love him. And while he's in a crapload of terrible, terrible movies, he's also in a ton of great ones.

And even the terrible ones (acting AND script) have their moments.

Maybe he just can't say no, like Michael Caine.


Wow. I haven't seen this movie. Never even heard of it. But you can do that *anytime* to *any movie* and I will read it with delight! ;)

Your pal,


It's worth seeing, I swear.

Nice to see you, My Pal Amber.

And I still haven't read the sequel to Flora Segunda. I totally suck.


I haven't seen this one...just wanted to mention that you totally made me laugh =) I very much enjoyed the commentary!


You forgot to focus on the annoying sign, "You are now leaving Red Rock West" which I got more and more annoyed with whenever I saw it. This was one of those I saw that I didn't like and was irritated with.

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