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09 October 2009


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Chad Sayban

It sounds like the cover art was, in fact, a warning. I'm sorry to hear the book wasn't very good.


Chris Cutcher is such a cool YA author. I loved Athletic Shorts.

Jackie Parker

Wow. That's too bad. Especially about Sarah. She was such a great character.

Mrs. R.

I felt much the same way about this book when I read it earlier this school year. Chris Crutcher is one of my favorite authors, but this book felt like a 'gimme.' In many ways, it seemed like a rehash of work he's already done, not something new.

Ryan Potter

Hmm. From a writer's perspective, I'm thinking that a trio of novellas about characters from previous books is an awesome idea...if it's executed correctly. I have no problem revisiting past characters, but their adventures need to be fresh and new, of course.

Thanks for the review. I didn't even know this book was out. Think I'll check it out.


Recently another blog mentioned that the cover would appeal to teens, but my thought was "not my middle schoolers; the boy looks like a dork." I'm getting more interested all the time in the importance of covers for middle-school appeal (nice article on this topic recently in SLJ). I didn't read this book because another librarian I respect said it was disappointing. I both admire and personally love Sarah Byrnes and Whale Talk, but with Sledding Hill shared your thought "none of the narrators were speaking in their own voices -- they were speaking in Chris Crutcher's."


Agree. The cover sucks, but the content seems to be more appropriate for reading

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