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09 October 2009


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I KNOW! We have four cords of wood outside but precious few canned goods. And not nearly enough beer!


I found The Dead and Gone to be so horrible, infuriating, and terrifying that I never finished it and shipped it away. So now the thought that I am living in NY and they are going to bomb the moon is frightening. All I keep thinking is, there are too many people in my neighborhood and not enough grocery stores!

I loved Life As We Knew It, I just really hated The Dead and Gone.


I STILL think about those books when I look at the moon. I'm glad I didn't hear about this ahead of time.


I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one whose eyes began to twitch when learning about the LCROSS project. On the bright side, "Bomb the Moon" would make for an EXCELLENT bumper sticker.


It's probably just as well that I didn't know Nasa was bombing the moon until this morning. I totally would have gone around the house, absolutely frantic, yelling that we needed to get a crank flashlight and radio because after the moon moves out of orbit there will be no electricity and we will need it. And we don't have nearly enough canned goods stocked up in case the world ends.


I just started listening to Life As We Knew It and so I've been noticing the moon a bit more lately. Then I heard about NASA's project & thought of all the supplies we don't have.


I can't believe I didn't even think about that. I just read the article and thought heeheehee, they are crashing a whole spaceship into the moon. Silly NASA!

But for reals, Life as We Knew It scared the crap out of me.


Am very glad (or so I think right NOW) that I didn't know of this beforehand. Life as We Knew It really scared me and if I'd known about this I would been buying a lot more canned goods (and vitamins, I forgot vitamins!) yesterday.


Ha, I hadn't connected the moon "bombing" with this book. When my daughter rereads it, she always comes out of her room and makes grateful comments like "oh, the sun is out! We can have lunch!"


Read Moonfall by Jack Mcdevitt. A sweet adult version of LAWKI.



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