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05 November 2009


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Loving the disclaimer. Very Scrooge McDuck.


Awww...bummer. I like the Regency Mystery ones...esp for teens. Well, I'll still keep it on the pile, perhaps just not as high.


I heart your tone in this review. I don't do snark half as well. Thanks for making me smile!


OK, the gold doubloons line seriously cracked me up. I was not expecting that.


Totally agreed about "The Season." Was excited about it after reading all the "Luxe" novels, but I never got past the first few chapters. Alexandra and her friends were just. . .eh boring.


Have you come across Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict? It's followed by Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict, and both books seem to do a believable job contrasting regency era with modern day. The first one has a modern day woman who wakes up in Austen's time, with all the smells and such.

Caveat: I read the Amazon Reviews while I was writing this, and apparently it wasn't universally loved. Still, it entertained me for an evening and felt like it was a little further along the continuum of realistic fish out-of-water historical fiction.

Sarah Allen

Great review. Its a good reminder to anyone writing a period piece. Good luck with your further reading! (my creative writing blog)


I have been seeing this one around on my Amazon suggestions for a while but hesitated to pick it up because the cover made me think it was going to be much like you describe- basically like Gossip Girl but with different language and mannerisms. Sigh. Good thing I didn't pick it up- those girls look annoying on the cover itself, to me.


I couldn't agree more! I had similar reactions to this book, and felt incredibly disappointed by all it seemed to promise, but failed to deliver. Well said!


Man, I am so relieved that y'all didn't think I was just being mean or something. Disliking a book so intensely is a sad experience.

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