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24 November 2009


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Thanks for these! I've been missing your reviews! I get lots of to-read ideas from your blog!


It's not that I didn't like I am a Genius...but I too had some problems with it. I just thought that there was a pretty big difference between being dumb and eating paste, if you know what I mean. It also felt a bit like an Onion article that went on too long. Funny, but loses strength. Of course I may just need to take a break from reading, I don't seem to be connecting to much lately!

Sarah Rettger

I'm such a slacker! I haven't forgotten about your Genius/Librarian button, I've just... not gotten to it. This weekend. Absolutely. Sorry!


...and of course, thank you for the AoGG reference in the disclaimier!


I had that same feeling about I Am a Genius etc etc. There were a lot of wink-nudge kind of jokes, especially the whole riff on public television. But I do want to see how kids respond to Oliver, especially his inverted and oft-denied desire for his father's approval.


One big huge thing they left out of King's Rose is the fact that Thomas Culpepper was a rapist and a killer. Before he met Catherine, he was nearly executed after he raped a park-keeper's wife and then killed someone who tried to intervene. King Henry himself pardoned him, which of course turned around to bite him in the ass later on.


Meaghan: GAH!! I didn't know that. I guess that ignorance IS bliss.

Kate: I'm going to get back into the swing of things soon! I think I just needed an internet break. And thank you.

Patti: I hear you. Though the last few Cybils books I've read (haven't written about 'em yet!), I've really enjoyed.

Sarah: No worries! I'd actually forgotten -- and I'm sure I will again, so when it appears, it'll be a super-rad surprise.

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