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18 November 2009


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Oh yuck! I hated The Scarlett Letter. I always was a good student and finished the books we read in school, except for that one. I couldn't make it through it I looked it up online and read summaries. I do not wonder about what happened to Hester-I didn't care about her in the first place!


How hard is it to realize that when some books are over, they're over. We don't need the continued adventures of Hester and Pearl. And I even liked 'The Scarlett Letter' the first time!


It has a pretty cover, I'll say that for it, but beyond the superficial level I think nadine sums it up nicely. I'd love to know who keeps publishing these books, as I'm not certain they do as well as the publicity surrounding them would suggest.


I looooved The Scarlet Letter in high school, in college and every time I've read it since -- it's funny that people seem to be having the same reaction to the book, regardless of their feelings about the original. The continuing adventures just... YUCK!


Oh, ugh. Pat, I'd like a NEW IDEA for $1, please.
And then, I'd like a vowel...

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Yes, yes, but perhaps the new book will finally answer this question: Did Hester Prynne embroider all of her dresses with an "A", or did she have just one "A" that transferred from dress to dress? It's completely unclear in the book, and has always driven me crazy. (Didn't that Hawthorne bloke know anything about a lady's wardrobe?)



i hate emo kids

I hope Pearl is a tramp. Or dies. Or both.


LMAO @ Brooke. I never thought about that before, now it won't leave my head.


Ewwwww. Ew. Gross. Gross. Hate it. I didn't like The Scarlet Letter, but there must be no sequel-making here. So alarming.

Maureen E

WHAT? Please...no!


This is one that I'm not sure about, either. In some ways, I'm intrigued, in others... not so much. What's with all the books-to-movie, series of books, series of movies and now sequels of every book ever written?! I blame Twilight.

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I take it you're a reader of Shelf Awareness? So, what do you think of the upcoming "Alice I Have Been"? I'm a Carroll fan, too, but I'm pretty excited about this one.

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