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18 December 2009


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This is crazy! I'm reading Pillars of the Earth right now and I just got through that sex scene. My thoughts exactly. If I were Tom Builder, getting frisky would be the last thing on my mind. Oh that medieval cad...


Ha! I'm kind of glad you found that scene as crazy as I did; so many people adore Pillars of the Earth that I wondered if I was the only one who found it WTF-y.

Although my biggest problem wasn't Tom, but Ellen! You find a man you've met *once* before, and is wandering wild, dirty, and out of his mind through a forest, and you think "hey, let's have sex!"

I would love to have continued up-dates as you listen to this book, because there were so many times I wanted to scream at my own radio.


Plus it seemed to me that she might have witnessed the whole birth/death scene, too. When she could have been being helpful. Which is pretty creepy. It wasn't like she and Tom ever actually talked about how Agnes had died or anything. So was she just spying on the scene, waiting around for Agnes to kick, or what? But then again, it doesn't seem like she'd have let Tom and the kids wander the forest for 87 hours afterwards. I dunno. I feel that there's a weird plot hole there.


Thank you for sharing your WTF moments. I found myself uttering that phrase often while reading the book; a friend suggested I turn it into a drinking game (which was very helpful for getting through "Pope Joan" which WTF-ed me off the charts). Every time they mention her golden eyes you get to take a shot. Oh wait, you're listening to this in the car....not such a safe idea. Maybe you get to eat a cookie every time?


My copy was given to me from my master teacher many moons ago and I cracked it open for my book club. I had heard so much about how this book moved some of my book club ladies. Urk. It moved something, you betcha. Gack.


O boy. I did NOT like this book. I read it a long while back, before it was reprinted or whatever. And blah. Good luck!

Neil Firth

That is true. WTF moments are endless for this book... I can not understand people enjoy reading it.

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