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18 December 2009


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I felt exactly the same way about the first Abdel-Fattah book. Le sigh.


ugh, I found both abdel-fattah books so preachy and irritating, especially since I'm of muslim heritage and australian. i was expecting something... i don't know, that i would like? considering that it kinda pushes the whole religion factor i thought it was ultimately pretty badly developed or explored. pretty superficial. and i know that everybody has there own experiences etc., but i did not connect to the main character - though age or personality or religion - at all.


I totally agree that the first one was preachy -- but I chalked that up to the main character's voice. I felt like it was in character for her to be preachy. I mean, I totally understand why anyone would dislike it, but it worked well enough for me.

This one, I felt, was just mostly bad on every level.


I disagree, this was the first od Abdel-Fattah's book that i read and i enjoyd it and think it is an excellent because it describes what most of muslims teenagers in the western countries experience. I would definiterly read another of her books

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