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15 December 2009


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I listened to the Pillars of the Earth audiobook a few months ago and haaaaaaaated it. I mean, really, how many rape scenes does one book need?

But I'm interested to hear what you think of it! A friend had recommended it to me, so clearly some people like it.


I haven't hit the rape scenes yet, though it's been made clear to me that Tom is fascinated by both the idea of rape AND by the idea of visiting a prostitute. But, you know, it's also been made very clear that he hasn't acted on his secret desires.

I'll keep you posted.


I try to start my commute at the top of the hour so I can hear NPR headlines before switching to my iPod of audiobooks and podcasts. But, yeah, it definitely depends on the length of your commute. I'll be interested to hear what other audiobooks you like.


Once in high school, a classmate was absent for most of the day and showed up in the third-to-last period. When we asked what happened, he said he had been driving to school and listing to Harry Potter on tape. He was so into it that by the time he realized he missed his exit, he was in Cape Cod.

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The reader makes all the difference. Steve Buscemi reads Elmore Leonard. Campbell Scott reads Oryx & Crake. In the YA section, Chiwitel Ejiofor reads Colfer's The Supernaturalists and Gerard Doyle reads The Wee Free Men, and in J, Stephen Fry reads Montmorency.

My family is addicted to audio, can you tell?


Although it has what I think is a mind-boggling number of good reviews, I have to say I thought Pillars of the Earth was SO. AWFUL. Just my opinion . . .


I'm always torn between keeping up with current events and listening to audio books...and the books usually win, unless I'm changing discs and hear part of an interesting story.

Kelly Fineman

The version of EMMA read by Prunella Scales is killer, in case you end up in the mood for Austen.


Tom is not one of the rapists, I will say (at least I don't think so! It has been several months), though the first time he sleeps with someone other than his wife (trying to avoid spoilers) is pretty WTF-y in its own way.

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