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31 December 2009


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While I enjoyed it, I agree with you about the ending. And I did the same thing, triple checking the page count. I even emailed the author to find out if the ARC was missing pages. She hasn't been contracted to do a sequel, she said, but would love to. I can't see how this book could *not* have a sequel, actually, because that really wasn't an ending at all. f


Lovely review- I had a lot of the same reactions after reading. The premise of the story was fantastic but I think the delivery definitely left something to be desired. Have a great new year!


Hmmm. I've not read this one yet. I think I'll still give it a chance; it does have all the elements I love, but I was a bit worried about the start of a series...


Sadness. I've been looking forward to this one but these points you've made make me quite leery.


So... what did you think of the cover? Not a baiting question, just curious because of the posts like this one: http://galnovelty.blogspot.com/2010/01/stop-failing-bloomsbury-aka-bloomsbury.html, and I haven't read the book.


I just wrote about it. Gross.

It's interesting that the book trailer gets it right -- maybe that was all the author, and Bloomsbury wasn't involved?


The author wrote enthusiastically about the cover back in July. http://fabulousfrock.livejournal.com/329455.html
I hope she will share her thoughts now.

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