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28 December 2009


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Excellent review of Wintergirls, I felt the same way.


Wow, Lu -- that was some serious Quick Draw Commenting!


I put these type of books off too. I don't really like feeling sad or depressed when I'm reading! I have to be in the right mood, especially with Ellen Hopkins books. I might have to give this one a read though after your review-you pushed me to it!


Really great review of Wintergirls. I read this a while ago and was very affected by it.


"Many readers will dislike Leila, and some will not understand her -- but many others will find Leila terrifying because in her, they will recognize some part of themselves."




You are a beastly, beastly man.


I am a huge Anderson fan and this by far is my favorite. I listened to it on audio while on vacation during the summer. It kept me engaged enough that I never wanted to arrive at my destination! LOL


What a powerful, and honest, review you wrote! I've not heard of this novel, nor the author, but it sounds so interesting. Once you get past the drama.


I was suprised by this one, too! My own blurb for Wintergirls specifically states: "This is more than just a book about anorexia". I intensely dislike ripped-from-the-headlines novels, especially the painful disorder/event titles, but I thought Anderson did a great job making it about the control issues. So many anorexia/bulemia titles seem to wind up as inadvertent how-to manuals.


I put off reading this one for the same reason. But I'm so glad I did. What did it for me was hearing LHA speak at a local bookstore about this book, but even before that reading the first 15 pages in the bookstore because I didn't have anything else handy to read while waiting for her to speak.

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