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17 January 2010


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Dude, she is TOO foreign. I mean, look at those things around her neck. They're PEARLS. They come from UNDER WATER. IN THE DARK. Foreign climes, right there.


The book itself makes it sound as if Lorimar is another version of England, and her home country is more like India, and so the natives of Lorimar have that Look Down Their Noses At The Exotic Brown People mentality.

Not that you'd pick that up from the cover art.


I don't know what you are complaining about. She's in her underwear, isn't she? What more could you ask for in a cover?


Ugh, not again. I just ordered this for my library based on reviews, and I had no idea that the main character was meant to be a POC. What's most disappointing is that this one's already published, so other than hoping for a better cover for the paperback edition, I'm not sure what can be done.

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