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24 January 2010


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Huh. I looked at her blog the other day, and a good half of it looked better than what we got, so I was thinking she's pretty lucky. (They're still serving the exact same green beans though. O_o)

April Mitchell

WOW! I am so glad I didn't go to that school. Why is everything prepackaged like that? We had more buffet style lunches at our school and you could take what you wanted. I miss the burritos...those were so good! Oh and the square pepperonis on the pizzas. Yum


I think it's an awesome project though - good for her to actually take pictures and track what those kids are eating. She's right; we don't look at this nearly enough.

I was in school 20 years ago but this looks just like what we ate back then as far as prepackaged, etc.


Yeah, it looks like the same packaging we had at my elementary school, in the 80's. There's a lot more variety than we had though. Also, I don't remember ever getting fruit or fruit cups, and we never had chocolate milk or bread on the side. Despite the horror factor, these meals look healthier than what I had, and that's all kinds of sad all around.

Paige Y.

I have vowed just the opposite -- not to ever again eat a school lunch at my middle school. The food trays on her blog were enough to give me nightmares.

Brooke Shirts

I think I'm most shocked by the packaging -- how much garbage does that lunchroom generate per day? But the food looks 100% more appealing than what I got. I went to school in central Georgia, so we got things like okra in our tater tots, watery coleslaw, and every Friday was Fried Chicken Day. While I appreciate fried food, this stuff was nasty, drowning in grease, but still hugely popular with my classmates.


I was homeschooled. :D

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