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28 January 2010


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This was an awesome story to wake up and read! I like how Holly Black's world is always dark and broken, yet fantastic and alluring. I was really sad when I heard Ironside would be the last book involving Kay and the faerie world. I'm excited to read the rest of this collection; it'll fill the void in my soul that's been there since I finished Ironside. I don't mind the romanticized vampire trend depending on what book series. However, I love how Holly Black can take the typical vision of a world or set of creatures and completely shatter our image of it. Maybe she'll begin writing another dark, urban fantasy series...*crosses fingers*


Too bad you aren't a patron of my library- we already own "Boneshaker" and I will be purchasing "the Poison Eaters" in the YA February cart. I agree that both should be on the shelves of your library though! Good luck!


WORD, Leila. Had a girl at the desk the other day who asked for vampires thus: "I like vampires BUT NOT SPARKLY ONES, do you have any good books?" I was like, "Oh my child. Let me pile books into your arms until you fall over."

(I have to say, I looked at the title of your post and went, "What'd she do?")


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That's great news! I'm going to read it while it's still available for free

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