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29 January 2010


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Oh my, there goes my weekend!


Your link goes to the IMDB episode guide, but I don't see a link on the screen to a place where you can watch the eps online. Am I missing something? (There is an ad for series for sale on Amazon, though.)


Hey - I think I watched one of these before. I can watch them online on Channel4's website, but non-US people can't watch them on IMDB, sadly.


Rats. For me (so I'm guessing for those of us in the US), the episode listings all link back to Hulu videos. There must be some annoying licensing thingie at work. Sorry!

Though it does look like much of the series is available at YouTube, too -- though it's probably not there very legally.


I was heartbroken to learn that there was no Season 4. (But I also have the boxed set!)


Oh yes! I've been looking for that "little book of calm!"


I recently discovered Black Books on Hulu and have watched them all (at least twice) and am addicted. I can't believe there's only three seasons though :(

I want my own little Bernard and Manny and Fran. Sigh.

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