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08 January 2010


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No. It defies explanation. It also makes me want to hide from the internet.


Holy crap, that's awesome!! Horrifying, but awesome.


That was one of the most bizarre things I've seen in awhile. So of course I had to share it with everybody I know.


Oh my. I can't wait to show my Star Wars obsessed family. Or should I save them from knowing that such a video exists? Tough call.

April Mitchell

Wow! I just totally wasted 4 minutes of my life...WTH was that?


Wowee. That was truly indescribable.


This is why I don't understand French cinema.

Maureen E

Darth Vader doing a strange sort of congo line? ACK! MY EYES!


I am so glad that everyone else seems to be having the same reaction I had. Namely, "HUH-wha...? Damn, I can't stop watching."

Liz B

You know, if I were going to do a Star Wars dance off, I would never have thought to match C3P0 with Darth Vader.

This is why I'm not a genius film maker.


my favorite move is that coy stripper thing the vaders do with their capes.

Alexis Chiffon

I'm French and, even if I didn't know this GREAT masterpiece (it's ironic), I can tell you that it's an extract of a late 70s show. In those days, directors tried new things all the time and were influenced by the disco music and universe. Yes, it seems very strange but really funny through our modern eyes.
After all, at the same period, you had the movie "Xanadu" with Olivia Newton John ;-) :
By the way, in French, we don't say "Darth Vader" but "Dark Vador" because of the pronunciation of the "th" and the "er".

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