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27 January 2010


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I mean, seriously -- tapping maple trees like that? DISGUSTING.


Oh, my goodness, I made a POINT of watching the episode of the show on PBS (YES! The things I DO for the sake of integrity!) and other than being disturbed that I had no maple syrup near at hand when the episode was over, I GOT NUTHIN'.

Man, people need new hobbies.


This challenge really makes me want to buy this book for my library.


This reminds me to go check our school library for references to a state income tax. Here in Washington, we don't hold with such immoral doings, and I don't want my kids exposed to it.

I shall copy you on all the publicity related to my efforts.


Well, with a 3-1 vote by the school board, Buster is safe for another year. (In that district, once a book has survived the challenge process, it's off limits for a year. (Off limits to being challenged, I mean...)

Jessica Leader

If they'd just removed the fact that the two moms were good cooks, it would have all been fine. But by saying they cook well, they're disproportionately praising members of an alternative lifestyle, and that is just wrong.

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